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A little bit about yours truly.

The song up above is my persona's theme, encase you were curious. vwv

Why hello there! The name is Creepy but my deviantart siblings refer to me as Sis Slendergirl. If you are new to deviantart, I bid the a fair welcome! Please have no fear to speak to me, I am always available for a nice talk or if you need to get anything off of your chest. If you have any questions, before you ask them please look at the Q & A box before you ask.
Thank you and have a wonderful day!


The Xbox Crew

Minecraft Divider- Enemy Mobs #1 (Tiny) by caramel-dixonMinecraft Divider- Enemy Mobs #1 (Tiny) by caramel-dixonMinecraft Divider- Enemy Mobs #1 (Tiny) by caramel-dixon
L4D Stamp by PZCherokeeL4D2 Stamp by deathshadow7127L4D2 Stamp by Jynsing

The Phoenix: :iconredringdoctor:

The Demon: :iconxxriseofthedeadxx:

The Scientist: :iconderp-acolyte:

The Slender: :iconslendergirl2012:

I love these girls, if anyone dares to hurt them they will have to deal with me, I love you guys <3

Girl Gamers by Aussie-RavenGirl Gamers Stamp by ItsAwesome2BeAwesomeXbox LIVE by AquaFugit
Minecraft Divider- Enemy Mobs #1 (Tiny) by caramel-dixonMinecraft Divider- Enemy Mobs #1 (Tiny) by caramel-dixonMinecraft Divider- Enemy Mobs #1 (Tiny) by caramel-dixon"


My amazing Friends

FNAF Animated FREE ICONS! Read below! by cinnabutt

My lovely sisters/brothers
FNAF mini pixels by DrZombieFox

People I look up too / My idols


Stamps about Meh~




Da Family

Love dA Family Stamp by Mirz123

Mad Father: :iconredringdoctor:

Weird Mother: :iconxxriseofthedeadxx:

The amazing little sister that always pokes Insanity with a stick: :iconloiipops:

Sister(s) : :iconrachie-may845::iconskystream-chan:

Drawing Buddy: :iconmomothemimemaster:

The Dark Knight that always Watches: :iconrequiem-of-ice:

Scout Brother: :icontigerwarrior13:

Third Cousin: :iconx-silent-night-x:

((More to come soon! <3))



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How would you guys feel if I started a youtube channel and invited friends to talk with me about theory's, how to improve your oc's, and animations, and also many other fun things. Would you watch? 

6 deviants said YES!! YEEEES!!
No deviants said Sure! :'D

I love ALL of this. <3

:thumb490753797:Slendergirl2012 simple icon commission by Arashi-Penguin(COM) Slendergirl2012 by EmilssH

Havilah Sprite by Dragonvesta

Slendergirl2012 AT by burihamachiCreepy by enderdragonslayerOTP Day 2 Family by rachie-may845Dr. Crispin and Harra by Derp-AcolyteStop it by RedRingDoctorHehehe by RedRingDoctorChristmas Gifts :headShots: by DeadpoolFan116Cole by RedRingDoctor The First Avengers Daughter: Part 1
Part 1
New York, The Avengers Tower
Emery Rogers was roaming The Avengers tower; she had grown up to be a wonderful and beautiful 16 year old girl. She looked around making sure no one was around before walking into her room closing the door, she locked it and turned around smiling happily seeing her boyfriend Loki.
She ran up to Loki and hugged him tightly and kissed him, “Sorry… My father wouldn’t leave me alone; he was worried about how my first day of going to private school was…” Emery sighed.
“Well I’m glad you’re here now” Loki smiled happily and kissed her forehead.
Emery smiled softly.
“So I’m guessing you didn’t tell your father about us…” Loki sighed looking down, “I thought you promised you were going to tell him about us…” Loki sat down on the edge of the bed.
“I will but when the time is right, I promise… It’s just… I
The First Avengers Daughter: Part 2
Part 2
The next morning
Tony knocked on Emery’s door, there was no answer, Tony opened the door and saw Emery snuggled up to Loki, Loki?! Tony stood there frozen, he was in pure shock, Tony took a deep breath trying to take this all in, he saw Emery yawn and climb on top of Loki and lay on him.
Tony had to admit they were kind of cute together but all he could think was Steve’s reaction to his daughter dating the God of Mischief.
Loki slowly opened his eyes and saw Tony standing in the doorway; he gasped and quickly sat up.
Emery awoke and just hugged Loki tightly.
“Uh… We can um… Explain…” Loki muttered softly, “You don’t understand…” Loki mumbled looking down at Emery worried.
Tony was somewhat enraged, but he quickly took a deep breath, “Is Loki the one you were trying to explain to me?” Tony asked looking at Emery curiously.
Emery awoke seeing her uncle clenching his fist and his jaw i
The First Avengers Daughter: Part 3
Part 3
Loki appeared in Emery’s bedroom, he climbed under the sheets and pulled Emery close. Emery turned around and snuggled up to whoever was in her bed, she didn’t know it was Loki. She opened her eyes realizing it was Loki; she quickly sat up looking at him worriedly.
“You shouldn’t be here Loki…” Emery whispered sighing sadly; she gently pushed him away looking at him hurt in a way.
“Who cares what you’re father thinks… I can’t be away from you Emery… I-I just can’t” Loki cried looking at her sadly.
“Loki, what are we supposed to do? Do you want us to meet in secret?” Emery asked.
“Yes, yes… We’ll meet in secret” Loki smiled.
“Loki… Are you sure? What if we get caught?” Emery asked.
“We won’t get caught I promise” Loki kissed her forehead.
Emery smiled and kissed Loki, “How about we meet on the roof tomorrow night? When e
The First Avengers Daughter: Part 4
Part 4
The next morning
Emery awoke and yawned tiredly; she sat up and stretched seeing a note bearing her name. She picked up the note looking at it curiously, she opened it.
Dear Emery,
Please meet me down in the sewers… I know it is not the best place in the world to meet… But it’s the only place we can meet where we won’t get caught. I almost got caught taking you to bed so please just meet me in the sewers below The Avengers Tower my love. I love you.
From; Loki

Emery quickly picked up a lighter and burned the note so no one else would find it, she through the note into the trash and watched it turn to ashes. She grabbed her bag and managed to sneak out of her room and down into the sewers below The Avengers Tower.
She walked through the sewer tunnels, she saw old pieces of machinery, it then donned on her that this must have been Loki’s lair during the war of New York.
Emery suddenly saw Loki sitting on a cement platform, a
The First Avengers Daughter: Part 5
Part 5
The next morning
Loki slowly opened his eyes; he yawned tiredly and sat up peeking over the back of the couch seeing Emery in some small pajama boxers dancing around the kitchen making breakfast. Loki smiled softly and got up walked up behind her giving her a loving hug from behind.
Emery giggled cutely and blushed; she turned over the bacon and watched it sizzle.
“Good morning my love” Loki whispered to her lovingly kissing her neck.
“Good morning…” Emery smiled happily.
Steve walked into the kitchen and saw Loki hugging Emery tightly, he smiled softly and was too tired to really pay any attention to the two love birds, he rubbed his eyes and looked at the two again.
“Good morning papa, here’s some coffee” Emery gently pulled away from Steve and handed her father a cup of black coffee that she made for him every morning ever since she was 12.
Steve sent a slight glare at Loki but smiled and kissed his daughters cheek
(COMM) Sarah and Camando by Embodiment-of-IceHappy Birthday slendergirl2012 by RedRingDoctorUalan - Slendergirl2012 by AimaRoseBuddy by RedRingDoctorSlendergirlxHeartness(hotness xD) by rachie-may845AT: Cole the Red Panda by Albert-GurlInsane by Ravenyuuki87Sane by Ravenyuuki87:thumb477794130:Creepy by rachie-may845Pharoh and Alexandria by SIgherMink (More Domisa) Forget and Have Fun!
I'm officially done I guess.
My heart has been shattered and there's nothing that can fix it, only he can, but I guess he's done and he's going to decide to move on. And leave me here. Lost, confused, oblivious, worthless.
I knew it was too good to be true, I can't ever be happy, can I? But, I guess that's what I deserve. You see, I've had relationships before, and so far, I was usually the heartbreaker. I've left them high and dry, but I just didn't understand. I was inexperienced, and had no idea what it was like to love another in a special way. The first one, I guess, was just to experience real life dating. However, his over-clinginess ran me off, because to be honest, it was creepy. The second was because I wanted to move on and start over, but I guess that was also a screw up. I never even did love the second, I guess since I have trouble saying "no", I gave him a chance and after 3 days, cut it off with him. The third? Yeah, he was a fucking
:thumb461247392:[Art trade] Meet Titan and Bryn by Xx-MayhemOnMisery-xX:thumb452955758:Art Trade by XxSweetDevilHanaxXPitcher (for a contest) by xCandyBashx[Sketchbook Entry] Myth and Broken OC by UmmuVonNadiaPharoh Baby bat by SIgherMinkYes she haves a Boyfriend. by qonqurCP: Kissuuuu by qonqur


Currant Fandom interest of drawing

Hello? Hello? Oh good to see you dropped off into my little part of the fandom! Oh well, at least what I have shared so far about my character's. I hope you guys like my Five Nights At Freddy's oc's, there is ALOT more too come soon!

Cole by RedRingDoctorStop it by RedRingDoctorAlina the bat by RedRingDoctorHappy Birthday slendergirl2012 by RedRingDoctorBuddy by RedRingDoctorAxel and Ms.Cake by RedRingDoctorGrinny and Freddy by RedRingDoctorAT: Cole the Red Panda by Albert-GurlMonkey bot by Lil-miss-galaxyVicent and Carly by KellyMinkold and new by sadgershadow wolf by sadgerWIP I'm in trouble! by MomoTheMimeMasterFNAF OC: Grinny by Slendergirl2012

Mature Content

.:JAWS:. by Slendergirl2012
FNAF OCS: Night Light Love by Slendergirl2012

Mature Content

FNAFOC: Would you like a side of.. (GIF) by Slendergirl2012
Welcome to Freddy's! by Slendergirl2012Five Nights At Freddy's OC'S by Slendergirl2012Gift- Grinny by Derp-Acolyte


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